No More Drama

Watching the major players in Washington these days is a lot like watching a soap opera isn’t it? We are being led by drama addicts.

I don’t care whether they be Democrats or Republicans, it was obvious early on that this was going to be a last minute ‘save’. I predicted with confidence several weeks ago that the debt crisis would be ‘solved’ at midnight on Sunday before the Tuesday deadline. The President’s announcement of the ‘save’ came 27 minutes earlier than I predicted.

How did I know that? Because I know they love drama, bless their hearts.

The fact is that our country is broke. The cuts this plan institutes are just the beginning………or they’d better be. Without serious cuts, painful cuts, in federal spending we go under. Completely under. Spiraling into the worst imaginable GreatEST Depression.

But, the kinds of cuts I’m talking about won’t come without making just about everyone angry about something. Whatever your pet project is most likely it will have it’s budget cut.

I’ve issued this warning on air. Let me issue it again here. If you are on public assistance, find a way out and do it now. That train is gonna stop. I just don’t think our society can economically sustain the burden for much longer. And when it does stop it’ll probably be in the middle of the wilderness somewhere.

You have the chance now to get off the train at a station. Do it. Find a job. It may not be the best job. It may not even be a good job. Doesn’t matter. Find a job. If you have nothing but public assistance to feed your family and it suddenly stops. What happens to them?

That ain’t easy to contemplate, I know, but the threat is real. When it happens I won’t enjoy saying ‘I told you so’ but the fact is………..I did.