Hall of Heroes

In just a few days from now we will celebrated the Hall of Heroes.  It’s a special celebration.  Special because up until this year it only happened in one county in South Carolina and special because it should have been happening all along.


You and I go through our day and we rub shoulders with heroes every day.  Men and women who have done extraordinary things.  Some of them quite literally secured your freedom and security.  They made the name ‘American’ respected acrossEuropeand the South Pacific.


But then they came home and went to work in the mill or back on the farm and the memories were just that, only memories.  Perhaps he charged a German machine gun that had his buddies pinned down.  Maybe he landed onOmahaBeachand somehow survived.  Maybe a photo ofMount Suribachistill makes him break into a cold sweat.


Each year inLaurensCountywe honor men and women who once gave up everything and walked away.  They left farms and families.  They left sweethearts, Mommas and Daddies, and old dawgs.  And they put on a uniform and went to war.


This year we will honor some who did that and who never came back.  They gave up every one of their tomorrows for your freedoms today.


On Saturday, September 10th, I ask that you come and hear their stories.  I think you owe them that.