Obama’s Re-Election Campaign A Fundamental Change

 Pay attention. You may miss something important. President Obama’s re-election campaign has swung into high gear mobilizing thousands. Some of the campaigners have even been arrested. If you’re not paying attention, you just might miss it.


First, let’s review some of the prior statements of President Barack Hussein Obama. There have been the usual accusations of campaign promises that turned out to be just empty talk. He promised open, transparent was the word he used, government. He even went so far as to promise that everything associated with his new health care overhaul would be broadcast on C-Span.


Well, the CEO of C-Span reminded the President of that when their crews were shut out of virtually all meetings where the new health plan was being discussed. So, that was an empty promise. It sounded good but there was no way he was going to let the people hear those discussions. There was just too much there you might not have liked to hear. Better to bury it in 2,000 pages of a bill you would never read.


But one thing he said was that he wanted to fundamentally change America. People cheered. Some cheered without ever asking what was so wrong with the America we grew up in. Some cheered and never asked……….what kind of change? All they knew was that it was fundamental. Do you know what fundamental means?


Now that the campaign is under way in full strength there are some hints. Look at the protestors in the streets of New York and other major cities. Guess what they say their goal is? They say they want to fundamentally change America. Fancy that.


The President winks at them and says he’s proud of them. Nancy Pelosi says she’s in agreement with them. They’re the ‘real’ Americans we’re told.


Hmmmmmm……….one of them ‘used the bathroom’ through the open window of a police car. It was number two. There’s video of it if you’re so inclined. They’ve trashed New York. One Jewish man was assaulted by a few dozen of these real Americans and told he needs to take his ‘Jew boy ass’ to Israel and get out of this country.


Proud of them you say.


Hank Williams, Jr got in a lot of trouble last week for comparing President Obama to Hitler.


Where on Earth did he get an idea like that?