LCDC Speaker talks of positive outlook

    Mike Randle is the Publisher of Southern Business and Development magazine, along with web sites that report on business development trends. He was described as an expert on the Southern Economy when introduced as keynote speaker yesterday for the annual meeting of the Laurens County Development Corporation.

     Randle presented charts showing the loss of millions of jobs from the United States in recent decades, as companies moved their factories to the orient to find cheaper labor.

     In his presentation, entitled “How the American South is Beating China at its Own Game,” Mike Randle said that rising costs of doing business in China, along with competitive factors in the South, are shrinking the competitive advantage China has had.   He cited sources that are estimating as many as 3 million jobs could come back to the United States and Mexico. Randle noted the American South has already move way ahead of the Northeast and Midwest in industrial development and population growth.

   As for industrial jobs returning to North America, Randle said the South and Mexico are poised to enjoy the most benefit, and that the South’s edge over Mexico is due to greater personal security north of the Mexican border.

   Randle said states outside the South will need to pass Right to Work laws such as exist in South Carolina in order to attract the new industry moving into the country.