A leadership change in the South Carolina Senate was a major event in this year’s state Legislative Session

State Senator Danny Verdin of the 9th Senatorial District noted the change in leadership as part of an eventful first half of the 2012 Legislative Session. He referred to Senate Pro-Tem President Glenn McConnell’s stepping down from the powerful position to become Lt. Governor, and noted that other long-serving Senators have announced their retirement.

In his “Verdin View” newsletter this week, the Laurens County Republican said that in the midst of all those changes, some significant legislation has been passed into law, while other bills are taking on their final form thought he recent actions of the Senate and House.

Senator Verdin said that from the end of the 2011 session until now, the most high-profile piece of legislation under consideration by the General Assembly has been House Bill 3066, the Department of Administration bill. He said the bill was on the Senate calendar as a Special Order item at the end of the last session, which means it can no longer be held up by an objection. Verdin noted the Senate passed the bill February 16th. He said that since the bills return to the House, that body has adjourned debate on the measure five times.

Reorganization of the state’s executive branch for better efficiency has been talked about for many years.

Danny Verdin also noted work on Senate measure 836. similar to legislation enacted in other states, this would allow South Carolina to form a compact with other states, secure Congressional approval, then opt out of Federal health care law provisions. The Senator for Laurens and part of Greenville County said “Philosophically, the bill turns on this phrase: ‘The legislature of each member state has the primary responsibility to regulate health care in their state.”