A Reported Assault Is Determined as Mutual Combat Tuesday Afternoon

Laurens County sheriffs Office was dispatched to Robin Lane, Waterloo Tuesday afternoon. The victim told officers that she had allegedly gotten into a verbal and physical altercation with the subject. The victim had reportedly driven from gray court to visit her elderly mother who lives at the incident location. The subject reportedly hit her across her across his face with his hand, pulled her hair and broke the leg off the coffee table and hit her in the back with it.  Officers observed a red mark on the right side of the victims face and the lower right side of her back, she was also reportedly bleeding from her elbow. The victim did need medical assistance and EMS was called. Officers then spoke with the subject who stated who stated the victim came to the residence and got into an altercation about the care giving of their mother who lives at the residence. The subject stated that the victim swung at him and that he did not hit her but held her down to gain control. He also stated the victim tripped over the coffee table during the altercations. Officers observed a red mark on the right side of the subjects face and a red mark on the subjects left arm. Officers were unable to determine the aggressor and it was determined as mutual combat.