You Ask for It, Insist on It, You May Get It

  Laurens County Deputy Nicholas Moye was dispatched to the Travel Inn on Highway 56 outside Clinton at 11:34 last night on a report of a woman showing out in the parking lot. A 27-year-old Clinton man indicated he had been asleep in the motel when he was awakened by the 32-year-old woman hitting him. After the man left the room, the woman reportedly called motel management making threats. Clinton Public Safety Officer Christopher Shane Harris assisted as Deputy Moye went to the room in question. When the woman didn’t open her motel room door, the officers had a manager open the door for them. She then reportedly stated she wasn’t going to jail, and would have to be tazed. When Deputy Moye attempted to put her in handcuffs, she reportedly jumped on the bed, then off the other side and ran toward the bathroom. Officer Harris then attempted to apprehend her, and she reportedly struck him on the top of the head. She finally complied and was placed in custody.

   32-year-old Kimberly Hope Rumsey of 96 Flannel Drive,Clinton was charged with Assault and Battery for the alleged attack on the Clinton man, and with Assault While Resisting Arrest for allegedly hitting the Clinton Officer.EMSwas called to check her out due to the fact she had been tazed.