Murder Charges Filed

Murder charges were filed yesterday on 38-year-old Juan Kevin Burns of 1117 Skillet Road, Waterloo. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office accuses him of firing his pistol, shooting 37-year-old Charles Harden “Blue” Lyons III of 79 Tennant Drive, Waterloo in the chest.

  The fatal shooting reportedly occurred while “Blue” Lyons mother was on the phone with Laurens County 911. Shelia Kaye Cathcart, also of 79 Tennant Road, had reportedly called 911 to say that Juan Burns had pointed a pistol at her son. The Dispatcher reportedly heard what sounded like gunfire, and the caller said her son had been shot.

   Laurens County Deputies were dispatched Code 3 to the incidnet scene on Skillet Road, arriving a few minutes after 8 Sunday evening. While on Skillet Road but before arriving at the scene of the shooting, a deputy was reportedly confronted in the roadway by Juan Burns, holding his hands in the air, saying he had left the scene for his own safety, and that he was then unarmed.

   He was taken into custody and held in the Johnson Detention Center, pending the charges served yesterday.

   Bond was denied on the Murder charge, and Juan Burns remains in the Johnson Detention Center.

   According to a Sheriff’s Office report on Sunday evening’s fatal shooting, there had been something going on between Juan Burns and “Blue” Lyons. Witnesses alleged that Burns had drawn two outlined bodies with chalk in the roadway just above the incident location. Lt. Higgenbotham took photos of the drawings as evidence. Burns reportedly indicated the drawing was drawn because someone had taken a camera from his driveway. Witnesses further reported that Burns had put a candle, a mirror and a letter at the driveway entrance where Blue lived,79 Tennant Drive. The letter reportedly stated something to the fact that “turn and burn A.B.C or you choose wisely.”

   A group of four people, including Blue Lyons and his mother, had taken a gas can back to a location next door to Mr. Burns’ residence. Then they reportedly went to talk with him. When Burns didn’t come out, Blue Lyons allegedly threw two handfuls of rocks at Burn’s residence. Juan Burns then came out and the altercation continued. Burns reportedly pulled his pistol from his truck. He reportedly fired several shots at Lyons with a pistol that had a laser light. Blue was reportedly shot several times then staggered and stumbled as his mother helped him get behind a shed. He collapsed in front of a residence at 1125 Skillet Road.

  He was pronounced dead as of 7:57 pm Sunday.