A Man is Arrested After an Assault That Happened Wednesday

Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to J-press Apartments, Clinton Wednesday night. Upon arrival
officers spoke with the two victims who stated the incident had taken place at
their work. They stated a patient had allegedly been assault at their place of
work by the subject to which they had informed their supervisors and the
subject had someone how found out about it. The two complainants stated that
they were driving home from work when a car got behind them and started
flashing its headlights at them. They stated they pulled into J-Press apartment’s
parking lot and the subject along with 3 or 4 other males got out of the car.
The subject then reportedly kept asking why the victims had told on him and
then the subject and the other men reportedly started hitting one of the victims.
The other complainant stated at this time he tried to break up the fight and
someone allegedly hit him before all the subjects got back in their car and
left.  EMS was called for one victim who sustained
injuries during the altercations with a busted lip, busted nose and swollen

Clinton Public Safety arrested 23 year-old Qualye Jamar Evans of 38 Costell Dr, Clinton yesterday
afternoon. He was charged with assault and battery.

Warrants state that he did
assault a victim, causing minor injury. Bond was set at $470.