Laurens City Council and CPW On Same Page?

City Council and the Laurens Commission of Public Works were both talking last
night about the money the CPW pays the city each year. The Commissioners of
Public Works were meeting in executive session in a specially-called 6pm
meeting in the Commission’s board room on Church Street. Nearby, the Mayor and
City Council went into executive session for discussion of the same issue at
the end of their regular monthly meeting in Council Chambers at City Hall on
the Square.

a for-profit utility, which would pay a franchise fee and taxes into the city,
the Laurens Commission of Public Works is actually another part of the city,
owned by the citizens of Laurens. While not subject to the same taxes, the CPW
does make payments to the city’s budget from a previous agreement with a form
of franchise fee and dividend equivalent.

previous executive session discussions by the CPW, it appears that new terms of
an agreement are being discussed by the two bodies.

action was taken by the either the CPW or City Council following return from
the closed-door sessions last evening.