Quit Your……..hmmmm……..Complaining


There is one thing about my hometown area I have never quite understood. Perhaps the same kind of thing occurs in other areas and I’m just not aware of it but I’m certainly aware of it around my hometown.


It seems that a whole lot of people are eager to point out the bad things that happen. Not just point it out but regale everyone they meet about it. Just over the past few weeks I’ve heard that the Laurens Police Department is inept and the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is on the take….being paid by local drug dealers in exchange for looking the other way. I’ve heard that the Laurens County Hospital is so incompetent that being admitted there is tantamount to a death sentence and that the folks at Laurens County EMS don’t care about anything but running around wide open with lights and siren just to irritate people.


The really happy news about each of those statements is that they are completely untrue. Chief Robin Morse runs a pretty tight ship at the Laurens Police Department. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more professionally run small town law enforcement agency……..anywhere. Catching bad guys isn’t easy. Gaining convictions is even more difficult.


But the men and women who work there take their jobs seriously. They provide effective and fair enforcement of the law. Are they perfect? No. Jesus doesn’t work there. Are they inept? Not at all.


Now, the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff has had his problems lately but he and his deputies are actively seeking the arrest and conviction of those involved in the drug trade. Trust me, I know some drug dealers. They don’t like ANYBODY who works for the Sheriff’s Office. They hide from them and fear them. And I honestly believe that if they were to offer a bribe, they’d go to jail for that too.


And the hospital. I’ve been a patient there and survived. My wife has been a patient there. She lived too.


In fact, when you’re really sick or really hurting ……that’s when what you really think comes to the surface. I was really hurt fairly recently and was taken to a hospital in another county. Things were kinda fuzzy but I remember asking where I was. When they told me I quickly replied……”Get me to Laurens”. I have confidence in them. Not because I think they’re nice people or they have cute nurses but because I’ve been there when dying was definitely an option and due to the care I received there I’m all gooder now.


And lastly, the folks at Laurens County EMS don’t care. They just like to irritate people with lights and siren.


Would you be irritated by those sirens if you knew that ambulance was on its way to your house? If it were your mother or your child who had a heart attack or had been seriously injured, would you be irritated then?


As for not caring……..just shut up. Medics sometimes joke around and generally have a really sick sense of humor. They have to do that. It’s either that or go crazy. Their world is a combination of dealing with people in desperate need of help that they fight to keep alive and also dealing with people who need nothing more than a swift kick in the ass.


On the same day they may be asked to treat an injured child who is bleeding and frightened and some worthless tax consumer who has a stuffy nose and just wants a ride to the hospital because they’re bored. And they have to treat both of them with respect and compassion. That’s easy with the injured kid. With the gal who has hay fever?………not so much.


And one more thing about those lights, those sirens. They’re SUPPOSED to irritate you. I’ll tell you how you can make them stop.


Pull to the right and come to a stop. Let them go by. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they’ll be gone. Because they really aren’t interested in staying behind you and aggravating you. They want AROUND you.


If you’re in the left lane and you wonder why they don’t just pass you in the right lane……..they can’t. They can’t because the law says YOU have to pull to the right. They will not pass you on the right because they’re staying out of your way. They just expect you to obey the law and pull to the right. If you ride in the left lane, they will too…..waiting for you to wise up and do what you’re supposed to. And while they’re waiting, the clock is ticking for someone with a medical emergency. Please……you can complain later. But get out of the way first.


Is this a perfect community? Nope. But if you think it’s really THAT bad…..there’s no barbed wire at the county line. You can leave. Honest.