Former City Administrator Speaks Out Against More Funding to Laurens

  The Laurens Commission of Public Works reportedly didn’t take any vote on the issue of franchise fees to be paid to City Hall following this morning’s Executive Session discussion of the matter; however, a management letter on the subject was to be submitted to the mayor.

  Laurens City Council has on the agenda Tuesday an ordinance for the Commission to pay 5% on all gross revenues generated within the city limits, which would be an increase from the 3% of electrical fees paid under the current formula.

 Former Laurens City Administrator Gene Madden appeared before the CPW monthly meeting this morning and voiced his opposition to the CPW giving the city any more money. Madden indicated he believes that if more funds are to be given, there should be strings attached so the CPW can ensure they’re spent properly. Madden questioned whether there is proper oversight of city expenses. He said the city had a fund balance of $1.6 million when Mayor Sharon Brownlee took over, and he exited as City Administrator. Madden suggested the city no longer has such a balance.