Laurens C.P.W. Refuses F.I. Request for Information

   During an Executive Session this morning, the Laurens Commissions of Public Works discussed an issue regarding the on-going litigation between L.C.P.W. and Fountain Inn Utilities. Laurens sued Fountain Inn after Fountain Inn moved to build natural gas distribution lines in the Owings Industrial Park area. Laurens contends this is in the Laurens C.P.W. service area, based on a previous management agreement between the two cities’ utilities.  After returning to open session this morning, Laurens C.P.W. members voted to deny a Freedom of Information request for information on the Laurens Utility system. The refusal cites Section 30-4-40 of the State Freedom of Information Law, which commissioners state gives them the right to refuse to turn over information which they believe would unfairly provide information on the Laurens natural gas distribution system to a competitor.