Advice to the Graduates…….And Stuff

I write this on Graduation Day.  In fact, it’s about time for the ceremonies to commence.  I wonder what’s going through their minds.  It dawned on me that these young graduates have been told some things that may or may not be true.

 Since I was once young and am now old I thought I’d set the record straight for them.  So, what’s really true?


Oh, this is SO not true.  If you’re having a real bummer of a time, don’t worry…….this too shall pass. 

 I remember being told that and thinking…..’Really?  This is as good as it gets?’  It isn’t.  Out ahead of you there will be sunshine and rain.  There’ll be the joy of holding a baby, your baby, in your arms.  And there will be love.  Not the heart pounding sensation that seems like love……, the real stuff.  The kind of love that holds you while you cry or keeps your hair outta the toilet while you………well, you get the idea.


Again, not a true statement.  By the time you’re completely on your own with a job, maybe a mortgage and car payments and having to pay taxes, you’ll be amazed at how much Mom and Dad have learned.

 Part of what seems to divide you now is reality versus fantasy.  You know how you want the world to be…..and that’s okay but they know how it is.  Maybe they should just let you happily head down Fantasy Street and not say anything but forgive them for interjecting a bit of reality. 

 Now, if you have a dream that’s burning a hole in your brain…….don’t squash it.  You owe it to yourself and maybe to the whole world to explore that dream.  But listen to Mom and Dad too.  At least consider what they have to say.


Funny thing about ugly……it sneaks up on ya.  I remember one girl in particular from my younger days.  At the time all the kids would hang out in the LaurensPlaza parking lot and this chic showed up one day in a bikini after a trip to the lake.

 All the guys went pretty much ape.  She was so beautiful.  I saw her the other day.  Spooky lookin’.  Don’t make fun of ugly people.  Karma is wicked.  Some of those ugly people seem to get better looking and some of the beautiful people will fall victim to the ugly stick.  God has a sense of humor.


Money is nice.  You have to have it.  You gotta pay your bills.  And it’s okay to have nice things.  It’s nice to not have to worry about finances.

 But keep in mind something my GrandPa told me a long time ago………….”Sometimes money just costs too much”.

 He was right about that.  If you have to set your principles aside for it, don’t.  If it robs the time you spend with those you love, don’t.  If you have money and never feel good about who and what you are, the money is in control.  And this life ends.  At the end, money doesn’t count.  Live your life so that when you depart here there will be people who remember you and smile.  That counts.

 Okay, that’s about it.  I may think of more later but that’ll do for tonight. 

 Last piece of advice.  When you laugh, laugh hard.  When you sneeze, sneeze loud.  When you love, love forever.  And when you roll a firecracker under a police car… like hell.