Ain’t Gonna Tell Ya……..Ain’t Got To


Here I am on the side of the road. Parked directly behind me is a really sharp looking vehicle with flashing lights on it. There’s a logo on the door that indicates this is a South Carolina State Trooper. And so, it begins.


“License, Registration, Insurance information please” says the young trooper.


“Sorry. Can’t do that. It’s privileged information.” is my response.


“Excuse me?” says the trooper. “When a law enforcement officer requests that information you have no choice but to comply.”


“You mean, kinda like a subpoena from Congress?” I ask. “I’m envoking executive privilege. If I provide that information it will serve to make it impossible to accomplish my very important task.”


“And just what is you very important task?”


“Can’t tell ya……executive privilege.”


My question is………….do you think I could get away with that? Could you?


No…………didn’t think so.