Let me start this one by saying that I’m a big fan of free enterprise.  If you work hard and make lots of money……….good for you.  If you go into business for yourself and you make it big…….Congratulations!


Now that I have that out of the way let me speak to anyone who is considering getting a pet………a dog in particular.  Please don’t go someplace and buy a puppy.  I can get you a deal.


First of all, let me explain a little science to you.  We know through genetic science that the broader the gene pool, the healthier the population.  A narrow gene pool results in serious physical and mental health conditions.  We joke about people whose family tree doesn’t fork but, in reality, that isn’t funny.  People who come from situations like that have a much higher incidence of all sorts of problems.


The same is true in the dog world.   There is only one way to achieve a narrowly defined canine breed………in breeding.  You can assure your customers that all the puppies will look the same.   It’s also a safe bet that they will share physical and mental problems.  That’s why there are so many deaf Dalmatians.  Once a defect enters that narrow gene pool……it’s there and will never go away.


Mixed breed dogs may not have the ‘designer’ look but they’re much healthier.  They come from a broad gene pool generally and they have a better disposition and MUCH fewer inherited disorders.


I wish that Laurens County Animal Control operated a ‘No Kill’ shelter.  That is not the case.  So, while you’re heading up to Greenville to pay $200 for a puppy, those folks are tasked with killing another puppy. 


Now, that pup may not have designer looks but he’d be a happy, loyal friend.  He’d help you entertain and protect your children.  Men, if you have to work at night, you’ll come home to find that dog stretched out in the hall and you’ll know that nobody will approach your family without coming through him.  Please, consider adopting a beautiful, lovable mutt.


It’s not expensive.  The adoption fee is only $45 and that includes the cost of having your dog spayed or neutered as well as the first round of vaccinations at a local vet.  For that small price you’ll have a valued new member of your family and you’ll know that, most likely, you saved that dog that loves you.


And then do me one more favor:  Tell everyone where you got your dog.  There are tons of people who have no idea where our animal shelter is.  Help spread the word.  You’ll be doing a good deed.  If enough people know then maybe there will come a Friday that the folks at Animal Control can really enjoy.


Oh, I suppose I should tell you how to find the animal shelter.  It’s on the corner of Torrington Road and Mount Vernon Church Road.  It’s right across from the end of the runway at Laurens County Airport.  Here’s a map:  http://binged.it/ACSoLb


Now I’ll get off my soapbox.  Have a tail wagging, bow-wow week.