Top Ten Songs Randy Travis Sang After His Recent Incident

10. When he was found lying in the middle of the road, I asked how he felt and he sang “Train Long Gone.”

9. He told me he told the police, when asked about drinking and driving, he started singing “ I’m your man”.

8. What was the first thing you saw after you were thrown from the car? Randy sang “I saw angels”

7. I asked how did you manage to run over all those construction cones, flashing lights and barricades. Randy began to sing “Running Blind”

6. It is said that you threatened to hurt the Po-Po that arrested you. He said he was just singing “Digging up Bones”.

5. He also answerd with two songs when I asked him about the rumor that he was naked when he wrecked. A Randy sang “Shopping for Dreeses” and “Smoking the Hive”.

4. When I told him that he should never drink in that bar again, he sang “There’ll always be a honky tonk somewhere!”

3. I tried to discuss with Randy where he was going now. And he sang “four Wall, and Valley of Pain.”

2. We also talked about some dangerous people he could meet in prison, like Bubbett. Randy sang “Keep your lure in the water.”

1. When he was asked if he would ever do anything like this again he sang “For Ever and Ever, Amen.”