Top 10 back-to-school misconceptions!

#10…Moms cry on the first day of school. Yes, tears of joy! 

#9…   Moms don’t mind taking you to school when you miss the bus. Really, I’m going to embarrass you by wearing rollers in my hair! 

#8…    Moms love all the afterschool activities. Having dinner at 8pm followed by 4 hours of homework, yea! 

#7…    Moms can’t wait to pack your lunch everyday until we die! 

#6…    Moms like helping you with your homework, what? I barely got through algebra in High School and you’re learning this in 6th grade! 

#5…   Moms love filling out all that school paperwork! How many trees are you gonna kill for me to give you the same information every year? 

#4…   Moms like open house. Really, you’re the teacher, i’m the parent and my child is either gonna to be smart or dumb! 

#3…   Moms like school shopping. Are you kidding me so I can rack up $200 on junk I already have lying around the house? 

#2…   Moms like buying hand sanitizer and Ziploc bags for school, When did they start this? When I was in school we didn’t need all this. When did kids get so germy? 

#1…   Moms miss their kids when they return to school. Really?