Top Ten Side Effects of New Electronic Water Meters

#10…Women can lay out in the yard and get a “full body tan” since the meter reader won’t be coming into the yard to read the meter anymore.

#9 … The Mail Carrier will be getting extra harassment from dogs, since they don’t have the meter reader to attack anymore.

#8 …With the meter readers just riding around, not getting out walking anymore, we’ll have to install heavier shocks on the left side of the CPW trucks.

 #7 … Nobody likes electrical power outages, but with electronic water meters, could there be a good side to an electrical outage?  Maybe – Free Water! Free Water for Everybody!

#6 …With all the extra details of the new electronic metering, does this mean that we’ll be getting reports on who is washing their hands after using the bathroom?

 #5… The remote reading of meters uses radio waves to send the meter reading. One wonders if all this new RF will interfere with radio listening.

 #4 …On the other hand, I’m thinking WLBG will be working with the CPW so you can listen to us through your plumbing. Want to take a read hot shower? Just lather up during Good Morning Up-Country! 

 #3 …Conspiracy Theorists will have something else to speculate about: “First, they put fluoride in the water. Now, they’re putting RF in the water!”

 #2 … One good side effect of all this new electronics in the water system, we’re hoping the extra RF will keep the buzzards off the West Main Water Tower.

 # 1 …With all this extra electronic monitoring around, could we use the electronic meters to locate the missing WLBG Van?