Clinton Soup Kitchen In Need Of Walk-In Freezer

The Open Door Soup Kitchen hit a new record Tuesday of this week, feeding lunch to 125 people. Rev. Charles Brewington of the Open Door said that someone has offered to donate a supply of frozen chicken to help the center feed the needy of our area, but the center doesn’t have a walk-in freezer, that is needed to keep the donated chicken frozen until needed.

Brewington told us yesterday that someone came by the center recently with a good price on a walk-in freezer, but never contacted Rev. Brewington. So he’s now looking for the man, or for anyone who can help locate a walk-in freezer so the Open Door can take advantage of offers like the donated frozen chicken:

“I’m hoping we can get in touch with him…but we’re looking for anybody who has any idea of where we might could get one, or know somebody who has one, we really need something we can put this chicken that’s going to be donated to on a regular basis, as long as we need it, from what I understand. So we can freeze it, put it in there and use it as we could.”

Anyone who can help locate a walk-in freezer for the Open Door’s Soup Kitchen is asked to call Rev. Charles Brewington at 923-1 6 4 2. That’s 9 2 3 — 16 42.

…or email: