Top Ten Thoughts on the Possible Hurrican Issac

#10… I agree with Bryan Bentley, the Democrats are steering the future Hurricane into a trajectory to rain on the Republican Convention in Tampa.

 #9 …Maybe George Bush will come to the Republican Rescue, and direct Katrina to come ashore from Lake Wylie and wreak Havoc with the Democratic Convention in Charlotte.

 #8 ….Actually, the Republican National Convention is having George Bush steer the storm toward Tampa. The theory is that the excitement from the storm will distract all the politicians from the lurid sexual encounters they would otherwise be engaged in during the convention.

 #7 …Joanna man says that NJ Governor Chris Christie is so heavy; he can walk down the street during a hurricane and not get blown off course. 

 #6 …The Republicans are hoping that having a hurricane during the convention will blow away all the talk of the Todd Aiken Senatorial Campaign in Missouri.

 #5… Representative Todd Aiken says women can survive being struck by flying glass during a legitimate hurricane. Their bodies are just made that way.

 #4 …With all the wind from those gassy politicians talking non-stop during the Republican National convention, whose going to notice a little wind from a Hurricane?

 #3 …Elmo Arbogooble said he’s leaving early to take some of the more beautiful ladies from the Crab Shack down to Tampa. He wants to find a good safe place to ride out the storm while the politicians ride the….

 #2 … Next week’s Republican National Convention could very well be the first presidential convention where the most-watched coverage is from the weather channel.   

 # 1 … Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is going to be in Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s office with his book of famous quotes that could come in handy. Even without a hurricane, any political convention needs comments like “this is just crazy” and “it is what it is” and “I’m Bustin’ my nuts.”  This being a Republican Convention, they may not want to use the “Chocolate City” quote.