Man Charged With Break-ins In The PC Area

While Clinton Public Safety officers were on routine patrol Friday morning in the area of South Adair St and Calhoun Street, Clinton they had prior knowledge that there had been vehicle break-ins in the PC area. When they turned right onto Calhoun St they reportedly noticed a subject duck down behind a vehicle so they quickly placed their patrol car in park and got out. As officers were walking toward the area they allegedly heard a car door shut but scanned the area and did not locate anyone. While officers waited for back-up to arrive on scene they reportedly observed a black jeep in the parking lot. Officers then approached the vehicle from the rear and reportedly saw a male subject balled up in the back floor board. The subject was then informed by officers to show them his hands but he reportedly jumped from the vehicle and fled on foot toward South Adair St. Clinton Public Safety officers followed closely behind and demanded the subject to stop. An attempt to taze the subject was unsuccessful as the subject but after a few short minutes officers were able to catch up with the subject and place handcuffs on him. The subject was then asked whose car he was in and he reportedly stated he did not know. He was then placed under arrest and transported to Clinton Department of Public Safety. A set of vehicle keys were allegedly found on the subject that belonged to a victim, who was spoken to and she stated she had recently had her key stolen. When officers went to photograph the scene several items were found inside the vehicle that had been broken into that did not belonging to the vehicle’s owner. Further investigation was to follow.

19 year-old Malcolm Jamale Moses of 200 Oak Street, Clinton was charged with resisting arrest, receiving stolen goods, possession of burglary tools, violation of city ordinance, 2 counts breaking into a motor vehicle.

Bond was set at $53,5000 and he remained in Johnson Detention Center this morning.