Laurens County Council Meeting

 The county’s latest addition, a platform truck capable of fighting fires higher or further across a large building, was demonstrated on the south side of the historic courthouse before County Council’s meeting.

“It is a 1994 Pierce, 100-foot platform. Got about 32,000 original miles, it was just ‘referbed’ about a year ago, and it is getting ready to go in service at Gray Court.”

As firefighters raised the 100-foot platform from the truck, County Fire Coordinator Greg Lindley explained to WLBG…

“Were just going to elevate the platform and let ‘em see how high it goes.”


During the meeting, County Council unanimously gave final approval of the County Fire Budget for the 2012 – 2013 fiscal year.

The Mayor of Gray Court appeared before County Council last night, requesting funds for a park and recreational project. John Carter noted the project that has been in progress for seven years and at the present the National Guard is leveling the ground. However, he said Gray Court is running out of money to pay for fuel for the guard vehicles. County Council unanimously approved providing $5,000 to help Gray Court with the Town Park project.


Council unanimously approved a request from County Building Inspector Buddy Skinner to amend the County’s manufactured homes amnesty program. This will allow the seven thousand dollar balance from last year’s budget to be carried over to this year’s spending plan.

Council also approved spending $58,000 to repair a rail spur to the Sterlite plant south of Clinton. County Administrator Ernie Segars noted the county accepted responsibility for the rail spur as part of the inducement to get the plant built here.

Council also approved $51,000 that Segars indicated was needed to complete the expansion and renovation of the county’s detention center. Money for both is to come from the county’s contingency fund.