A 911 Ends In A Criminal Domestic Violence Arrest

Laurens Police Department was dispatched to Reed
Street, Laurens Saturday in reference to a 911 call that sounded like a domestic
dispute. When officers arrived on scene they reportedly heard several loud
noises but were unable to get anyone to the door. Eventually a female answered
the door and seemed to be afraid. The female was said to have a small cut on
her forehead and her hair looked as if it had been pulled. Officers then asked
the female victim to step outside, though she said everything was fine. As she
went to exit the residence a male subject reportedly came up behind her and
said everything was okay. Both parties were separated and talked to. The victim
stated that she was at a friend’s house when the subject called her cell-phone
though she did not hear it and was unable to answer it. When she returned back to
her residence the subject allegedly became irate and cursing at her about not
answering her phone so she started to back a bag so she could stay with a
friend to avoid the situation. The subject the reportedly threw the bag so the
victim tried to call 911 but the subject was able to take the phone from her
before she was able to.  The subject then
allegedly grabbed the victim by the arms and pushed her on the floor, holding
her where she couldn’t leave. During the struggle a computer desk and picture
was said to have gotten knocked over, causing several glass pieces that cut
both parties. Due to the evidence presented officers then placed the subject
under arrested for Criminal Domestic Violence.

46 year-old Leroy Hunter JR of 202 Reed Street, Laurens was arrested by Laurens Police Department Saturday morning. He was charged
with Criminal Domestic Violence. Bond was set at $2179 and he was released from Johnson Detention Center later that day.