A Man Arrested On Multiple Charges

A man called into Laurens Police Department Fridaymorning to report an assault that allegedly occurred at his home on N Harper
Street, Laurens. When officers arrived at the location they were informed that a
subject had reportedly dragged the complainant out of a motel bed room. The
complainant’s girlfriend was also in the room and she stated that when she woke
up she noticed the subject in the room but not her boyfriend, the complainant.
She then asked the subject where her boyfriend was and he told her that the
complainant was outside but allegedly wouldn’t let her get to him when she
tried. The subject then reportedly threw her around the room but she was
finally able to get her items and leave the location. When the complainant and
his girlfriend left the location they allegedly noticed injury to the
complainant and $200 missing from his wallet, along with a pack of
cigarettes.  Later on a reporting
investigator for the case was on Liberty Lane, Laurens they pulled onto Church Street
and the subject was heading south on Church Street with a tag that was reportedly
expired. Investigators then turned on their blue lights and initiated a traffic
stop.  The subject was then spoken too and questioned as to if he had gotten into an altercation with anyone lately.
He allegedly stated he had gotten into an argument with the victim and also
told officers that there was a gun located in his truck when questioned.  The subject was then placed under arrested
and a search of the vehicle was conducted with officers reportedly locating
several handguns, methamphetamine, marijuana and also items taken from the

25 year-old Christopher James Hitchner of 177 Sullivan Road, Laurens was arrested by Laurens Police Department Friday morning. He was
charged with common law robbery, grand larceny, burglary and two counts drug
manufacturing. Hitchner remained in Johnson Detention Center as of this morning.