A Man Arrested On Charges Including Kidnapping And Criminal Domestic Violence Of A High And Aggravated Nature

Laurens County Sheriff’s Office dispatched after a woman called in stating her sister had allegedly sent her a
text stating “help” Tuesday evening.
Deputies talked with the complainant who stated that her sister was
located on Hurley Drive, Gray Court with her husband who was allegedly going to
shoot her if police showed up. Back-up was called on scene and met at the
incident location. Officers knocked on the door with no answer and also gave
verbal commands for the subject to come out of the residence. They then walked
around the residence and located the subject, then patted him down for weapons.
The subject stated he and his wife, the victim, had gotten into an argument
over her talking to someone on the internet and that was it. A short time later
one officers stepped out of the residence with what reportedly appeared to be a
plastic bag, containing 3 smaller bags full of a green leafy substance that was
believed to be marijuana. The victim reportedly complied with the subject’s
story and stated she had called her sister to help her stop the arguing.
Officers then asked if they could search the property and the victim gave
permission. They then asked if anything illegal was at the residence and the
victim stated her husband was allegedly growing marijuana in a field near the
house, but she was unsure of where. The subject was then placed under arrest
and officers were allegedly able to find several plants at the residence that
were believed to be marijuana plants. The victim also reportedly stated the
subject had not allowed her to leave the residence for several days and stated
he would kill her if she tried. She also alleged that he had shot at her in the
past and she believed he would actually harm her.

A man was arrested on multiple charges by Laurens County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday afternoon. 50 year-old Thomas
Randolph Smith of 76 Hurley Drive, Gray Court was charged with drug manufacturing,
possession of a weapon during a violent crime, kidnapping and Criminal Domestic Violence Of A High And Aggravated Nature. Separate
warrants state that he did have in his possession marijuana with the intent to
distribute and did unlawfully confine a victim with authority of law. Warrants
also state that he did cause injury to a member of his household, the act being
aggravated in that he made threats to kill the victim. Smith remained in Johnson Detention Center
this morning, awaiting a bond hearing.