A Man Reportedly Takes A Vehicle Without Permission

A man called into Laurens Police Department yesterday morning in reference to a subject reportedly taking a vehicle without the owner’s permission from Sunset Park, Laurens.  The complainant advised officers once they were on scene that he was intoxicated the previous night so a friend that was sober drover his vehicle back to his residence on Sunset Park. When the complainant woke up he reportedly noticed the vehicle missing. When officers went to check with the rental company the vehicle was from the complainant called back in stating a subject had allegedly returned to the incident location with the vehicle. Officers returned back to the location and placed the subject in investigative detention. It was reportedly learned that the subject had active warrants for shopping lifting, dating back to July. Damage was observed to the vehicle and the rental company advised to return the vehicle so they could access it. The subject was then placed under arrest and transported to Johnson Detention Center.


33 year-old Raymond Michael Mcdowell of 116 Sumter Street Extension, Laurens was arrested by Laurens Police Department yesterday morning. He was charged with use of a vehicle without permission.  He remained in Johnson Detention Center this morning, awaiting a bond hearing.