Top Ten Positive Outcomes from 9-11

#10…United States Flags suddenly began sprouting up all around the country. Within a week, stores were having trouble keeping the Stars and Stripes in stock. 

 #9 … We got a break from the folks who kept complaining about George W Bush. Even the most hardened Democrat was nice to W for awhile.

 #8 … Around here, contrary to what we’d heard all our lives, a lot of us learned that folks inNew York City are people, too. In many ways, a lot like most of us….and Joe Sam Queen. For a few days, even the most hardened southerner could not be heard griping about Damn Yankees. 

 #7 … Prayer meetings suddenly came back into vogue.

 #6 …An appreciation for the soldiers who serve our country was finally restored. 

 #5… George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair became best buds as the US renewed its connections with long-time ally, Great Britain.

 #4 … We gained a sense of collective consciousness. September 11th 2001 became one of those ‘great awareness days.” Like when Kennedy was shot. Now, 11 years later, everyone can tell you where they were when it happened.

 #3 …All of us gained a greater appreciation for the heroism of our police officers and firefighters. They were always heroes, but some of us didn’t fully appreciate that fact.  

 #2 … Most of us were suddenly more aware of the preciousness of our families.

 # 1 … A sense of togetherness was felt by almost every American.