Top Ten Reasons the Demos Were Booing

#10…They were booing Republicans. So you can understand why folks thought that was booing God, since so many Republicans act as if they ARE God.

 #9 … They were actually booing the Convention Chairman. He obviously didn’t know jack about measuring audience response to voice votes … or maybe he just doesn’t know his neigh from his yea.

 #8 …At the time the vote was counted, the big screen video monitor flashed a picture of Barak Obama’s birth certificate. 

 #7 …At the very time of the vote, a Donald Trump look-alike with the comb-over hair style appeared just off stage. They were booing at him.

 #6 … It had just been learned that Dinner that night was featuring Chic Filet. I do believe that if the police had not been there, they would have killed the Chic Filet delivery man. His little legs were a blur as he fled for his life. 

 #5… You know, a lot of NASCAR teams are based around Charlotte, and a lot of fans live there. The reason the folks were booing was because they thought the Democrats had taken Dale Earnhart’s name from the program.

 #4 …Unknown to the DNC, a staunch but sneaky Republican had laundered the Democrat’s underwear with extra starch.  The Demos were just irritated because their under shorts were bunching up real badly. And no one likes a Wedgie!

 #3 …Most in the audience had been drinking and they were actually calling out for “boose, boose, more boose.” Those Democrats can be bad to drink, Randy

 #2 … Someone had brought the chair Clint Eastwood had used at the Republican Convention and place it on the stage. Folks were just booing the chair, Randy. Too bad the cameraman didn’t show the chair. He probably didn’t understand it’s significance.

 # 1 …They were actually booing because of a failed attempt to bring Nancy Palosi into the convention by parachute…you know, like the Queen of England entered the Olympics. Did you not hear that “bump” when she missed the hole and hit  the roof? I bet the wind pushed her off course.