Armed Robbers Threaten Woman & Steal Guns

   Two armed men reportedly broke into a Renno area home around 12:15 this afternoon at 1260 Stomp Springs Road. Laurens County Sheriff’s Lt. Chris Martin said that after breaking in through a back door, they put a gun to the head of the woman who was home alone at the time and threatened her. Then the two men went into a bedroom where they took some 15 to 20 guns from a gun cabinet. Coins valued at $1,200 and various jewelry items were also taken. Total value of stolen items was estimated at over $15,000. 

  Lt. Martin said that while the two men were getting the guns, the woman, who is wheel-chair bound, was able to escape the house and made her way to Stomp Springs Road in front of her residence.

  A nephew of the woman came by and stopped to see why she was in the road. The Sheriff’s investigator said the relative then blocked the driveway to the house, blocking that exit for the two armed intruders. Suspects identified as white males reportedly exited the house and got into their vehicle. Since the driveway was blocked, they reportedly went through an opening in a fence and crossed a ditch to get on Stomp Springs Road. The relative of the victim then reportedly gave pursuit in his vehicle for something between one or two miles.

   Lt. Chris Martin said the vehicle appeared to be either an Isuzu Rodeo or a Chevy Blazer. A fender part from the vehicle came off when it crossed the ditch. Identification on the vehicle part indicated it may have come from a Chevy Blazer. The vehicle was described as either a lite blue or purple vehicle.

  The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was asking for anyone with information on this case to call the Sheriff’s office. You can also call Crimestoppers at 68-crime.