Deaths Down in SC, Up Locally

    With 3/4th of the year now past,South Carolina is still showing improvement in highway fatality statistics.

    As of September 30th – Sunday night at midnight – 589 people had died on the state’s highways for 2012. This is an improvement from 624 people who had been killed on state roadways as of the same date in 2011.

    Of the 589 fatalities for 2012 through the first nine months, 73 were pedestrians, 82 were motorcyclists and 12 were on bicycles when fatally injured.

    Locally, Laurens County fatality statistics are worse this year than last. As of September 30th,  17 people have been killed on county roadways, according to the SC Department of Public Safety. This is four more than the 13 people killed on local roads as of September 30th 2011.