Conviction from Greenwood Drug Operation

   A man from neighboring Union County is now facing jail time after being convicted of being a member of an Upstate Drug Trafficking Organization based in Greenwood.

   United States Attorney Bill Nettles announced yesterday that a jury convicted 44-year- old Yastrzemski Lipscombe of Jonesville for Conspiring to Possess with the Intent to Distribute 100 kilograms or more of Marijuana.  The jury returned its guilty verdict Tuesday of this week after two days of trial. The testimony revealed this organization obtained thousands of pounds of marijuana from various sources of supply in Texas, Arizona, and California. Lipscombe acted as a courier for the organization, traveling to El Paso and McAllen,Texas, in tractor trailers to retrieve large amounts of marijuana and returning the marijuana to the organization’s headquarters in Greenwood,South Carolina.  During his 10 year membership in the organization, testimony revealed that Lipscombe transported approximately some $1.4 million worth of marijuana from Texas to South Carolina.  The investigation culminated in the seizure of approximately 2700 pounds of marijuana the organization was transporting from McAllen,Texas, to Greenwood, South Carolina, in July of 2010.  All of Lipscombe’s co-defendants pled guilty prior to his trial. Five co-defendants are facing potential sentences ranging from 10 years to life.