2 Charged with Stealing from Landfill

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Curry’s Lake Road at 6:11 yesterday morning after a landfill employee reported observing someone with a flash light, walking at the rear of the business, then observed a truck enter and men load metal into the truck. Deputy Rushing located the subjects, who reportedly stated they had permission to get the metal.  Both were arrested and charged with taking metals from the Curry’sLakeLandfill.

   They are 46-year-old Truman Hardy Knight Jr. of 1001 Saw Mill Road, Gray Court also known as “Goot,” and  43-year-old Michael Ray Knight of 123 My Way Drive, Gray Court, who is also known as “Knight Rider.” 

  Both men are charged with Injury to Real Property, Grand Larceny, and Illegal Transport of Nonferrous metals.

  In warrants, Sheriff’s Investigator Jawarski Shelton states that Truman and Michael Knight damaged an eight-foot chain link fence around the Curry’s Lake Road Landfill yesterday by removing the metal poles and damaging the chain link fence. They’re both charged with taking away nonferrous metal and other metals valued at over $2,000 from the landfill at 1408 Curry’s Lake Road with intent to deprive it’s owner. They’re also charged with possessing and transporting nonferrous metal on the highways of South Carolina without a permit knowing the metal was stolen.

   Truman Hardy Knight Jr. and Michael Ray Knight were being held for bond hearing earlier today at the Laurens County Detention Center.