4 Men Charged from Home Shooting

Four men were charged with 1st Degree Burglary yesterday as Laurens City Police investigated an early morning break-in. Officers were dispatched to Watts Street at 1:28 yesterday morning after a witness at a nearby Lil’ Cricket store reported hearing two gunshots, then observed a silver Pontiac Bonneville with several men inside speeding towards the Watts Street intersection with North Harper. The witness also noted observing another man wearing a ski mask and with a gun in his was running down Watts Street attempting to catch up with the car. After slowing to let this man get in, the car then turned northbound on North Harper. 

  Officers went to a house on Watts Street where a man said he was lying on the couch texting his girlfriend when he heard a car pull up then someone tried to kick in his door. Unable to kick the door open, someone fired off two shots. One of the .38 bullets was found to have gone through the screen door and the front door as well then lodged into a plastic lawn chair in the living room of the house. Police also removed another smaller bullet fragment from the ground the near curb.

  Meanwhile, a silver Pontiac was stopped by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office in Gray Court and four subjects were placed in custody.

   Charged with 1st Degree Burglary are 33-year-old Rodricus Lamont “Rico” Smith of 821 Vern Cora Road or 417 Madden Heights Road, Laurens….29-year-old Ricorius Shundre “Rico” Lee of 516 Hellams Street, Fountain Inn….25-year-old Latravic Cajun Bigby of 218 Provence Street, Greenville…. and 27-year-old Brandon Lamar Johnson of 548 Perry Avenue, Greenville. All remained in the county detention center overnight, pending a bond hearing.