No Charges, the Whoopin’ was Enough

  A Laurens man may think twice about any more robbery attempts, cased on what happened Tuesday night in Laurens. A 21-year-old Laurens man called 911 to get EMS out for the 58-year-old Laurens man just after 8:30 pm. The younger man told police he was walking down South Harper Extension to visit a friend in the Payless area when the older man came up and suggested he show the younger man a short-cut. Not being very familiar with the house he was going to visit, he followed the older man walking towards Wham Street. The young man said after walking a while he had to urinate, and stopped to do so behind a bush. He said while he was urinating, the older man came up behind him, grabbed him, and said ‘give me all your money.’

The young man told police that his army training kicked in and he struck the subject several times with his closed fist, causing the man to go down. Saying he didn’t want to hurt the subject, the 21-year-old said when he realized he was out of danger from the older man, he called 911. The young man said he didn’t want to prosecute for the attempted robbery, saying he thought the older man had “had enough.” The older man, with swelling around his eyes and bleeding from his mouth, was transported to the Hospital by EMS for treatment injuries.