Top Ten Other People Who Make Too Much Money

#10…Surgeons. How hard could that be? You do a little whittling, then send a great big bill!

#9 …Dentists. Look at all the money they could save without all that fancy equipment. I bet Frank Taylor has a bunch of old drills real cheap up at P & T Hardware.

#8 … Auto Mechanics. Who needs that ASC certification, anyway. Just remember, “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.”

#7 …Teachers. Think about it….happy children, eager to learn….all that recess time…and don’t forget about lunch-time!  Anyone with any sense would do it for nothing!

#6 …Pharmacists. How much intelligence could it take to put some pills in a bottle. After all, a pill is a pill.Then you got yellow…blue….red. Anyone who’s not color blind could run that job.  

#5…Airline Pilots. With all the travel opportunities they have, they shouldn’t expect to be highly paid, as well. How hard could it be, it’s not like you have to keep the plane in narrow lanes like we have to with our cars. I understand those planes practically fly themselves.   

#4 … School Superintendents. Think of all the fun Superintendents get to have, watching the sweet, adorable children and visiting with terrific teachers all day. 

#3 …Waiters at Restaurants. Why, it was just the other day at Senior Garcia’s I saw a man leave $3 on the table just as a thank you. And the restaurant already pays the wait staff.

And think of the fringe benefits of all that free food. Free Food, Free Food for all!

 #2 … Preachers.  They get to read the bible all the time, and only really work one day a week. And you know they get a take of all that loot they collect every Sunday, and all the Bibles they can carry home.  

 # 1 …Elmo Arbogooble. Let’s face it, Randy, Elmo doesn’t do all the heavy lifting at the Crab Shack! Why should he hog all the big money there!