Top Ten Little Considered Places That Need Attention from the Highway Patrol

#10…They need to have extra patrols in Joanna during Luau night at the Lodge. The Fuzz can just wait outside and watch the folks ‘come to daddy.’

 #9 … Anywhere on I-385. Since they didn’t put up those toll booths, there’s nothing to slow folks down. 

 #8 …West Main at Church Street in Laurens late Sunday morning. The police could catch those Baptists, Presbyterians and Methodists trying to beat each other back to the dining room at Martha Franks. There’s nothing scarier than a 1962 Buick Electra 225 coming out of a church parking lot on two wheels. Two words, Randy: Hungry, Retired.

 #7 …West Carolina Avenue in Clinton. When folks see a train is on the way, they tend to speed up to get to a crossing that hasn’t closed yet. 

 #6 …Does the track at Laurens Speedway fall under the jurisdiction of the cops?

 #5… Hillcrest Drive near Whiteford’s Giant Burger – whenever they put that gravy biscuit on sale, people just rush in to gobble them up. The Po Po could make a killing.

 #4 … Highway 221 North out near Wal-Mart Distribution, coming back towards Laurens. After a hard day at work, lots of those folks are in a hurry to get home.  I can just hear the jingling of coins for the highway patrol

 #3 …Martha Franks. Contrary to what some folks think, some of our senior citizens still maintain their lead foot.

 #2 …Mountville Road. Folks get so distracted looking at the goats in the fields that they tend to not pay close attention to the road.

 # 1 … Highway 14 near the Hub, where four lanes gets to be two lanes. You see, as the road narrows, folks try to rush ahead of whoever is beside them. This makes for great opportunities for the officer whose behind on his quota!