Top Ten Other Places Where Loaded Guns Should Be Prohibited


#10…Baptist Churches. You know, sometimes things get heated when they’re voting on a new preacher.

#9 … The Joanna Lodge. No explanation needed.

 #8 … County Council should not have any guns during any discussions about zoning and property rights on Lake Greenwood.  Knifes could probably be tolerated.

 #7 … The teacher’s lounge at schools at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The kids have teachers on the ragged edge by this time of the day

 #6 …The Sudafed Counter at Wal-Mart

 #5… The toll-booth operator at the new toll booth of Interstate 385. No matter how many people want to kill him, he should not be allowed to kill them back.

 #4 … Morticians who are working a funeral in a family where a contentious divorce has taken place. 

 #3 …Weapons should not be allowed in an attorney’s office during the reading of a will, especially when the attorney knows that someone is going to inherit a bunch of money, but Junior is getting nothing.

 #2 … During the funeral of a man who has died after just having married a much younger sexy woman.  It’s just a recipe for assault of a high and aggravated nature. 

 # 1 …The Hub during the midday meal. You see, after a long morning of saying things on the radio to tick thousands of people off, Randy Stevens likes to unwind with a relaxing lunch at the Hub. People should not be allowed to enter and pop a cap into his butt. After all, Randy has as much right to suck in air as the rest of us.