Three Arrested in Saturday Night Assaults

   Laurens City Police arrested two men late Saturday night for an alleged mutual assault at a restaurant on Fleming Street.  21-year-old Cody Shane Simmons of 2819 Lakeview Drive, Laurens is charged with Assault and Battery 3rd Degree, Simple Possession of Marijuana and with an Open Container violation in tickets as of 11:30 Saturday night issued by Officer Pittman.

  Cody Simmons was released on bonds totaling $2,882.

  24-year-old Jeremy ONeal Copeland, also known as “J-rock,” of 119 Vern Cora Road, Laurens was charged with Assault and Battery 3rd Degree is a ticket issued as of 11:30 Saturday night. Jeremy Copeland was also charaged with Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. In a warrant on that charge, Sgt. Joey Pittman indicated that Mr. Copeland unlawfully carried a pistol in the driver’s seat of a vehicle, rather than concealing it in the glove box, at105 Fleming Street in Laurens.

   Jeremy Copeland was released on bonds totaling $7,000.


A  third man arrested onFleming StreetSaturday night is accused of knocking his victim unconscious. Laurens City Police charged 29-year-old Keith OBryan “Blue” Shell of 213 Irby Avenue, Laurens with Assault and Battery and with an Open Container violation.

Mr. Shell allegedly assaulted another Laurens man Saturday by striking him in the face multiple times, causing him to become unconscious. A warrant states that the victim was placed in critical condition due to injuries suffered at the hands of Keith OBryan Shell at105 Fleming Streetin Laurens.