Clinton Council Lines Finalized

The city of Clinton now has new voting districts. This comes following a special called meeting of City Council last night to give 2nd and final reading of the proposed new city council lines.

   Clinton City Manager Frank Stovall recommended to the Mayor and council that Plan One presented by the State Budget and Control Board be approved, saying the plan conforms to the seven criteria that council set forth at the beginning of the redistricting process.

  That criteria states that any redistricting plan must  conform to the Constitutional mandate of ‘one person, one vote’, adhere to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, ensure that the districts were contiguous, respect the existing Communities of Interest, attempt to maintain constituent consistency, avoid splitting voting precincts and that is should solicit input from the public.

   Council agreed and unanimously voted to approve the plan last night. Interested citizens may view the new City Council lines at the city’s web site: