Top Ten Things That May Cause People to Stare at You

#10…When you have a blind, blue eye that has that glazed-over look.

#9 …Things that get caught between your teeth when you eat

#8 … When water gets spilled on your pants in an unfortunate location while you’re washing up in the bathroom

#7 …As you get older, you need to be concerned about EDS – that’s Excessive Dribbling Syndrome.

#6 …Then there is the dreadful D.B.D. – Dangling Bugger Disease. It can happen anyone, even you, my friend.

#5… When people stare at you because you’re enthusiastically attempting to share a truck-load of free eggs. You were just wishing the best for all the listeners of WLBG, and the very people you work with make fun of you. The psychological damage from this is called FEFA - the “Free eggs for all” syndrome. Big Gene rode this to fame and fortune!   

#4 …When you’re so cross-eyed that no one can tell who or what you’re looking at

#3 …When you admit to someone you forgot where you parked your vehicle, they will likely look at you in a most unsettling way.

#2 …When you unknowingly drip gravy from your breakfast biscuit on your shirt in the morning and don’t realize it until you get home that night. You can still even detect the little specs of pepper…You wondered why people wouldn’t look you in the eye all day, and kept staring at your shirt

# 1 … You don’t realize until way up in the day that your forgot to zip your zipper. It’s dark in there, so it’s not like you’re really advertising something, but it just appears you’re forgetting the essentials.