Plan to Deal With Meth Lab Scenes Approved

   A program to deal with buildings that have been the scene of meth labs was outlined for Laurens County Council last night by County Buildings Code Officer Buddy Skinner. He indicated he developed the program in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Office. Skinner told council that so far this year, seventy meth labs have been discovered in the county. He described the difficult and costly procedure that had to be followed to ensure a safe reoccupation of the property.

     Council watched a visual presentation of the labs that had been discovered in the county recently, many of them to renters where the owners of the property had no involvement in the crime. 

     Council was informed that there is no state law or federal mandate now in existence dealing with this procedure. 

    The program deals with steps that would be taken immediately after the raid, with a notice posted on the premises dealing the structure being unsafe.

     A step by step description of the process was explained, including the keeping of a permanent file documenting the location, to warn perspective new owners.

     County Attorney Sandy Cruickshanks, told council that this plan is becoming well-known throughout the state, and the council voted unanimously to approve the measure.