Special Laurens City Council Session Approves Two Ordinances

   Laurens City Council quickly gave final votes of approval on two ordinances during a brief, called meeting last evening.

  Second reading approval was approved to authorize the Laurens Commission of Public Works to borrow up to $1.8 million from the South Carolina Water Quality Revolving Loan Fund. That money will be used to purchase new ERT water meters as the commission is now in a two-year program to replace all the older meters that no longer accurately measure water usage by the CPW’s customers.

   Also receiving unanimous approval of City Council last night was Ordinance 1012-02, which amends the Business License Ordinance Provisions for Insurance Companies. City Attorney Tommy Thompson explained last week, prior to first reading approval of the ordinance, that the Obama Administration has added more layers of control over how insurance companies are regulated, requiring that business license fees from this kind of business have to be collected at a higher level, then funneled back to the cities.