Burglary Leaves Blood

   A Burglary, Breaking and Entering report dispatched the Laurens County Sheriff’s office to a Joanna home at 5:14 yesterday afternoon. On arrival at theEast Calhoun Streethouse, Deputy Sheriff Paul Bollman II met a woman who owns the property. She indicated another woman had observed signs of a break-in at the house when she was walking around it, having heard it was going to be available for rent. The owner reported observing that the window of a side door was broken out and the door was not completely shut. The deputy entered the residence, noting blood on the storm door and on the inside window of the storm door; and blood droplets on the floor at the kitchen sink and in the floor next to the bathroom sink as well. The deputy noted signs that someone had gone through the bedroom, but it was not immediately clear if anything had been taken. Blood samples were taken as investigators arrived to continue looking into the burglary.