Details on Arrests in Two Clinton Motels


   More details are now available on the numerous drug arrests made Tuesday at two motels north of Clinton. The arrests came after Lt. Robert Wilkie and Sgt. Matt Veal investigated tips of suspects being at the locations.

   They first called on a room at the Traveler’sInnat 11 Tuesday morning looking for a person with active warrants, and reportedly found a meth lab inside. Deputies allegedly discovered a grocery sack in the floor that contained a 2 liter drink bottle which appeared to have a salt-like residue in it, consistent with a used HCL generator. Further search reportedly revealed a glass smoking pipe and digital scales in a drawer between two beds. Those in the room were arrested and warrants were obtained to charge them with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and with Illegal Disposal of Meth waste. In addition to a 23-year-old Greenwood man, a 28-year-old Cross Hill man and a 27-year-old Laurens woman we already reported on, also arrested was 22-year-old Kristi Ann Preston. She is reportedly from1070 Campton Road, Inman, land/or another address on Chestnut Street,Clinton.

As with the others, warrants accuse her of being in a room with items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine and with illegal disposal of meth waste. Bonds on her two charges were set yesterday at $15,000.

  The second round of arrests came after a visit to the Days Inn on Highway 56 at 2 Tuesday afternoon. Officers had received information about the possibility of a man wanted for active warrants being at the location. In the suspect’s room, they allegedly found a small glass vial in a drawer of the room with a substance that tested positive for meth, along with other paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana. 48-year-old James Edward King Sr. ofLake Road,Clinton was charged with possession of meth, while 28-year-old Ashley Nicole Eubanks of Little Acres Road, Clinton was also charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana.  Mr. King was also served with existing warrants charging him with drug violations from July and September, as already reported.