Loot in the Pants

   The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Smythe Street in the Wattsville Community at 3:40 yesterday afternoon to investigate an apparent 1st Degree Burglary. Deputy Jimmy Johnson reported arriving to observe one man running from the house, who stated that another man had pointed a gun at him inside the residence. A subject in the house was taken into investigative detention while the situation was analyzed. During a pat-down, the deputy reportedly discovered several knives in the subject’s rear pocket along with several other items. A report on the incident states that money was located in the subject’s shoes, a stolen gold ring on his right small finger and an un-cashed check was found between his shorts and the skin of his belly. Assorted change was reportedly found in his right front pocket and two cell phones in his left rear pocket. The report notes recovery of $2,321 in stolen money, jewelry valued at $275 and other items valued at $390. 33-year-old James Eddie White Jr., also known as “Jamie,” from 183 Cypress Street,Clinton was placed in the Laurens County Detention center, where he was being held earlier today pending a Burglary Warrant which was being sought by Investigator Lt. Shelton.

  Three residents of the Smythe Street home, a woman and two men, were listed as victims from the Burglary and Breaking and Entering.