Man Charged For Alleged Reaction to Finding Girlfriend with Another Man

  A Waterloo man was in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning, charged with Attempted Murder, following his alleged assault on another Waterloo man Wednesday afternoon after he allegedly found the subject sharing an intimate moment with his girlfriend.

   The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Dillard Road at 12:33 Friday afternoon, along with EMS and Fire, after the boyfriend allegedly assaulted the other man by stabbing him on his head.

  30-year-old Clay Allen Bodie of 901 Dillard Road, Waterloo, who is known as “Bodie,” was served with charges yesterday of Attempted Murder and Malicious Injury.

  “Bodie” is accused of attempting murder by stabbing 26-year-old Adrian Jamil Foggie in the head with a knife. “Bodie” is also charged with doing an estimated $2,500 to his girlfriend’s car, allegedly kicking in the front and back windshield and punching the sunroof of the car on Dillard Road. Clay Allen Bodie was being held in the Laurens County Detention Center this morning for a court appearance.

   Mr. Foggie was initially treated at the LC Hospital for his injuries.