Fake Lottery Slips

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the Stop and Shop store at 25394 Highway 76 East, Clinton at 8:05 Saturday night on a report that someone was attempting to use a fraudulent lottery ticket to receive cash. Deputies viewed video of a transaction Friday where a man exchanged a counterfeit lottery ticket for $600. The same suspect was allegedly among two men who were back at the store Saturday night again attempting to pass a ticket for lottery funds. 49-year-old Jerry Hunter of 133 Pink Robinson Road, Woodruff was arrested on charges of Obtaining Goods Under False Information. Further charges were being investigated to charge him and the man who was allegedly with him Saturday night with Receiving Goods Under False Pretenses.

Deputy Michael Crockett received a copy of all the allegedly fake lottery slips that were allegedly used in the case, which reportedly totaled $1,600 in value. Jerry Hunter of Woodruff remained in the Laurens  County Detention  Center this morning with bond set at $1,092.