Do They Charge Tax for Stolen Items?

  The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Dollar General Store in Gray Court shortly before 4 yesterday afternoon on a report of a shoplifter who was reportedly still in the store. The store employee reported the shoplifter, who had attempted to hide items inside her pocketbook, was in the store office. Deputy Edwards reportedly checked the woman’s pocketbook and found several items from the store. He asked what she was doing trying to steal items from the store. The 62-year-old Laurens woman reportedly responded that she liked the thrill of shoplifting, but she was glad she finally got caught. When questioned what other stores she had shoplifted from, the woman wouldn’t answer; but said she has a shoplifting problem and she was ready to face the consequences. She was being held overnight in the Laurens County Detention Center, pending a warrant being obtained to charge her with shoplifting. The items in the woman’s purse were rung up at the cash register and came to a total of $43.07 with tax.