Learning to Communicate Better

   When you are being discharged from the hospital, do you understand the directions you are given for after you get home?  A task force from the Laurens County Health Care System has been studying that and other related issues. Nursing Director Lindy Beaver told the hospital board last night that this is a big part of the work of the system’s Ambulatory Care Task Force. She said it’s important to understand the cultural and other background factors of a patient, and to communicate with them accordingly. She proposed using a ‘talk-back’ method, so you have the patient repeat what they’re to do once at home, to ensure they understood directions. Ms. Beaver noted that the Laurens County Hospital has acquired a service where patients can get their discharge information repeated to them on demand.

Lindy Beaver said the hospital system needs to adopt a discharge policy to ensure that patients are discharged in a way that they will understand what to do after leaving the hospital and why it’s important.